Petrified forest…

Ive always laughed at the term “petrified” in this context! We drove right through the petrified forest on the way to Robins Camp, Hwange National Park. Huge chunks of stone lie about all over, these right next to the road:Petrified Rocks Petrified Rocks

Petrified RocksThey have been used cleverly in the picnic site for tables and chairs.Petrified RocksP1100468

Deteema Picnic siteThis is the water hole at Deteema picnic site very near to the petrified forest, surrounded by huge (living) trees.Deteema picnic siteThis tree doesnt seem to be THAT large…I took one step to my right and took this photo:Deteema picnic siteThe car was hidden behind it!

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Suki - 13. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Quite amazing. Nice to see a little water still around.

frankiekay - 13. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Not very much though! Although there is a pan with a borehole further down he vlei

spookmoor - 06. Feb, 2016 - Reply

Magic man.

frankiekay - 06. Feb, 2016 - Reply

Its fascinating, and they are just all lying around all over the place – the road goes right through the forest. Thanks for your visit and comment