Birdlife, Robins Camp…

The bird-life around Robins Camp was very good although I didn’t manage to photograph most of them. Usually I stalk birds, crawling in the grass, but with lions and buffalo wandering about freely I had to stalk them from the car! BirdlifeWe used to get these (below) when we lived on the Insiza river, another early morning wake up call I miss desperately.Birdlife Robin's CampThis hornbill plain refused to cooperate. He sat on that branch with his back to us for ages! P1100638Another bird we both saw and heard on the Insiza – sounds like a bouncing ball! They seem to be such poor flyers – a coucal doesn’t land, it crash-lands!Birdlife Robin's CampI cant identify this raptor:Birdlife Robin's CampHe had his eye on this crowd of birds. We waited around for ages to see if he would swoop down on them, but he didn’t oblige!Birdlife Robin's Camp I snapped this pic (below) in between photographing ellies! Those brilliant colours sure distract me! Birdlife Robin's CampThis bird was watching the main road in from Sinamatella:Birdlife Robin's CampI think this one, (below) is the same bird, but with a nest.Birdlife Robin's CampI took this pic at crocodile pools in the Robins Camp part of the Hwange National Park. Its amazing how they happily move about with HUGE crocs sunning themselves nearbyBirdlife Robin's CampWe saw a fair number of vultures in the park, which is a good sign. These were eating the carcass of a dead baby hippo. Excuse the photo, I couldnt get close, I was worried a lion maybe lurking in the bushes! Its amazing how camouflage a lion is. We noticed an elephant flapping its ears and walking sort of funny – zoomed in with the lens and oops – a lion, just lying in the grass! Birdlife Robin's CampWe saw a fair number of guinea-fowl at Robin’s, but not as many as at RHA mine. They are not easy to photograph, they dont keep still and are always moving away from me – nothing worse than the butt end of a bird! Birdlife Robin's CampAnd last, one of my favourite birds, the hoopoe.  I have better pics, taken in my garden, where I can stalk them to my hearts content, but I wanted to post the pics I got in Hwange National Park! Birdlife Robin's Camp

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Nkosilathi Dlamini - 16. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Awesome pictures, very beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing Frankie. 😊

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Many thanks for that – Im glad you enjoyed them – posting more soon

JohnRH - 16. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Great photos. I trust we will always have WILDlife.

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Amen to that!

Suki - 02. Nov, 2015 - Reply

A lovely set of pictures. The Hoopoe my favourite 🙂 The Coucal made me smile. We seemed to get a lot of snails in our garden there. They would come in, grab the snails, smash them on rocks and eat so much they got grounded 🙂

frankiekay - 02. Nov, 2015 - Reply

We had them on the farm, and I remember the long hot days before the rains – their call – just like a  bouncing ball! I do love the way they flap around in the lower branches

frankiekay - 02. Nov, 2015 - Reply

I took many more, but mostly have to post them on the FB page “worst possible bird photographs!!” Boy its hard to get good shots of birds – they move too much