Ancient Ruins of Zimbabwe

Trees on the climb to Silozwane Cave

TreesTreesTreesI liked the shadows on the this rock, taken during the climb to Silozwane Cave. Whenever, I make that climb, I always am thankful for the views I can photograph! Boy, my calves nearly expire  half way up!

P1120601 P1120602 P1120603 P1120608 P1120610Cave paintings in Silozwane Cave

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samthompsonfilm - 29. Oct, 2015 - Reply

How long is the climb?

frankiekay - 29. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Not very high! Just I’m not the greatest climber in the world! Its about 20 minutes and nowhere do you have to use hands

JohnRH - 30. Oct, 2015 - Reply

How old are those paintings estimated to be?

frankiekay - 30. Oct, 2015 - Reply

They appear to be from about 30 000 years ago and earlier although I have not heard a definitive date. I just dont know why they dont carbon date them, so there is no controversy. Certainly there are many ages overlapping each other. Some of the paintings cover older ones