Rainstorm over the Khama Rhino Sanctuary

There is nothing like an African rainstorm. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is in Serowe, Botswana and its pretty dry there. So to be in a rainstorm is special, its as if the bush knows its going to be renewed. We left Johannesburg very early in the morning in order to give ourselves enough time to stop along the way to take photos!

We arrived at about lunch time, and…went to sleep in the car! We woke to this:



The light was perfect for photos. I took many more than these!


This is now heading back to the campsite:


This tree!! (above.) Ok, I know its featured already on this blog – but without the awesome clouds behind.

The following were all taken in the campsite:


I wanted to get a better view of the amazing sunset, so I climbed this tree – yup, me – for all my followers, I climbed the tree with my precious camera!



I think it was worthwhile! The pastels shades are lovely. This pic and the one below were taken well after sunset.


And then it rained, and rained – it was SUCH fun!

Did we see a Rhino? Yes!!! Lots and lots of lovely Rhino.


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pacificnorthwestkate - 23. Feb, 2016 - Reply

So envious! Wonderful photos!

frankiekay - 23. Feb, 2016 - Reply

It is very unusual to be in a HUGE rainstorm in Botswana! It was lovely.. We got wet – it was lovely!

Suki - 02. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Some stunners there – nice!! Like the first bush road one. African storms to me are a delght as they bring something well waited for. Here we are piddled on daily 🙂 A little earlier we had a few rumbles of thunder and I nearly fell off my chair in surprise. Then puny hail stones. They sure cannot do anything “Africa” over here.

frankiekay - 04. Mar, 2016 - Reply

I LOVE the rain – pretty great on thunder and lightening too!