Is in the Binga area, with an escarpment towering above it. The trees are large, the road, terrible! P1160450


A series of gardens run through the middle of several lands and people grow vegetables as well as banana’s and mangos.


Looks like wells may be a better option here than a borehole.



Traditional homes here are mostly for shelter from the sun, and have breeze blocks built in to cool them.


We found a tree there, that’s berries taste like peanut butter!


And wild flowers!



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JohnRH - 09. Mar, 2016 - Reply

What’s the difference between a well and a borehole?

frankiekay - 09. Mar, 2016 - Reply

A well has a diameter of about five feet, a borehole about 8 inches.
The advantage of a well is that shallow water can seep slowly into it – but a borehole has to have a deep break (below 35metre) If the place we survey has water on the surface its usually because the underlying rock is impervious (thus forcing the water to the surface) we suggest the donor puts in a well rather than a borehole. If there is no possibility of water near the surface (most of our work) then we look for deep fracturing of the rock ie more than 35 metre (sorry, dont know in feet!)

JohnRH - 10. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Thank you!

Mike Canter - 09. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Area looking very lush.

frankiekay - 09. Mar, 2016 - Reply

It was raining when we were working there – that light always make it look much greener! Generally Binga area was much better off than the rest of Mat’land, we noticed people were going to get crops in most places unlike in Gwanda, Marula, Fort Rixon etc…

Suki - 10. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Some lovely scenes there full of my gorgeous trees and bush. Is that hut on stilts – the last picture before the flowers?

frankiekay - 10. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Some of the houses in a village on stilts and some of them are built with weblock type walls. I think mostly they are built with sticks and them threaded at the top. Some of these people originally lived on the water, so probably kept their way of life as much as possible. We tired to speak to one lady in Chininga, and she couldnt understand a word we said! So the languages are very different to Ndebele or Shona