Pigs and figs…


We crossed this stream on the way to a place called Kenkando. Only later, did we discover it is within walking distance…um not my walking distance, mind…of Kavanika – another of the churches where we had to look for water.


Love the little piggies!


I’m told they are a kind of fig… (the tree, not the piggies!)

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Julie - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Love those trees and I enjoy seeing such happy animals, the pigs look as if they are!

frankiekay - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

They dont look as dramatic on a photo (the figs, not the pigs) – imagine, driving through arid mopane scrub, then THEN, huge trees…!

Mike Canter - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

With peace & an income one could easily live & die in this sort of an environment!

frankiekay - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Well, lots of people do! Thanks for the visit and comment

mukul chand - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Great Post

frankiekay - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Thank you! They are lovely trees – ps – I love trees!

mukul chand - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

welcome. Love trees too.

Suki - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Cute pigs. Nice to see them rummaging around. Especially the one in the mud. Huggable trees those…

frankiekay - 13. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Very huggable – I often wish I could just stop and talk for an hour or two, to trees on our journeys.

Suki - 14. Mar, 2016 - Reply

We have some lovely trees here but often no place to pull over. No sides to the road like Africa…

frankiekay - 14. Mar, 2016 - Reply

I found that when driving in South Africa – we chose to drive through one of the passes in the Eastern Cape using the dirt road, because we thought we wouldnt be able to stop on the tar. Often, when driving along the road, I want to stop, reverse a little, take a pic! I have learned to take pics in a moving vehicle though! (Obviously not when Im driving…)