Miss Ellie…

Blue Heeler PupIs a blue heeler puppy, five weeks old in this photo… (above.)


We name all our pets after famous people! Miss Ellie is named after Miss Ellie in the TV program “Dallas…”


Nearly a year in the photo above, Miss Ellie is a character. She spends a large part of her day trying to herd the chickens! She has a very annoying yip yip bark, but makes up for it with a cute smile!

She was bred from Nicholas Bishop’s pair, Riley and Snow!



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Sue - 31. Mar, 2016 - Reply

A lovely set of pictures. They seem to be a popular breed in SA right now. A must have. Friends who have them always seem to get more 🙂

frankiekay - 31. Mar, 2016 - Reply

Well I have taken longer to get to know them – Im a GSD person and they are not at all alike. Riley, the bitch, is a fabulous guard dog, but unfortunately she kills cats! Cant have it both ways!

JohnRH - 31. Mar, 2016 - Reply

I love dogs. ‘Nuff said.

frankiekay - 01. Apr, 2016 - Reply

When compared with humans, certainly!