Green Wood Hoopoe…

Or ihlekabafazi. Which means “women laughing!” And they do make a racket, digging about in the tree.P1160177

Ive always thought it strange that its called a GREEN wood hoopoe, when its clearly blue!  I much prefer the “red billed wood hoopoe” name, although I always think of them as ihlekabafazi.

Below is a short video clip of one of them foraging in the palm tree outside our kitchen window:

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mukul chand - 04. Apr, 2016 - Reply

lovely shots

frankiekay - 04. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Thanks – I love these noisy birds – I dont feel so bad at my incessant chatter!

mukul chand - 04. Apr, 2016 - Reply

they look beautiful. bird chatter is far better than sound of traffic

frankiekay - 04. Apr, 2016 - Reply

True words! We have lots of birds in our garden and they start up very early in the mornings

mukul chand - 04. Apr, 2016 -

lucky you, do post more pics please. African birds are Unique.

frankiekay - 04. Apr, 2016 -

I do try – but with my small lens – its not always easy. I do have a category on my blog in which I post birds – they are ALL African, because I have never been out of Africa!

mukul chand - 05. Apr, 2016 -

Wonderful, post the pics even if not very clear.

Suki - 12. May, 2016 - Reply

Never see one so this was great. Thank you for video too.