Evening stroll around Hillside Dams…

Hillside Dams, back in the day, held Bulawayo’s water supply. As the city grew, larger ones had to be built and today, the Hillside Dams are a recreational park almost in the city centre! With cute little braai areas nestled among the granite rocks…



Cut paths allow people to stroll about without too many grass seeds collecting in their socks:



Benches are placed all around for a restful view.


I, of course, drooled over the trees…




Over the years small gardens have been added with hardy plants.


Quite a number of people use the park…even for exercise…I skirted round them pretty smartly – scared of being sucked in!


In the background is the empty bottom dam – we have had several terrible seasons and the dam didn’t fill at all this year.


Look at the top of the kopjie! Great rock kopjie for kids to climb…maybe I’ll go up there and do an aerial view!



Awesome Mkiya trees (acacia galpinii) arch over the entrance to the top dam path.


The top dam still has some water…


Excuse the cell phone mast! If you look carefully you may see the houses overlooking the dams, nestled in amongst the trees…


View from the upper dam-wall, looking downstream.


An amphitheatre is nestled in a natural rocky area. The stage area is out of the pic (on the right.)


To end – a view across the lower dam with love grass in the foreground…




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Leo Anthony - 13. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Hi Frankie. I grew up in Harare and had an urban nature reserve next door. I spent a lot of time there as a teen. It couldn’t really compare to Hillside Dams but aren’t we lucky to have such amazingly wild parks literally on our doorstep. The parks and green spaces are generally so much tamer and managed in Western town and cities.
I also chose to separate my blog material in to something of a life blog and another which serves to highlight my travels. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Nice to see another angle on the place I used to call home.

frankiekay - 13. Apr, 2016 - Reply

I split my blogs because people appeared to prefer my photos to my writing!!! Thanks for following them and I hope you enjoy…most of my pics are taken in Matabeleland (the best place on earth!!!) but we do have a contract in Mashonoland coming up soon…hope to get some iconic shots.

Suki - 06. Jun, 2016 - Reply

Amazing trees etc – nice to see folk out and about

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2016 - Reply

On weekends there are more people about – praps I should go there when its more crowded to better capture the atmosphere! And yes, the trees are lovely!