Sunset, house, hill…


This pic was taken near Mbalabala, Matabeleland

Below is the same view, but on “sunset mode” which is a special feature on my Panasonic FZ 1000 for taking pics of sunsets. Apparently it “enhances brilliant reds..”

Tell me which one you like.


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Mike Canter - 15. Apr, 2016 - Reply

The top one (more natural)

frankiekay - 15. Apr, 2016 - Reply

I agree – usually that setting on the Panasonic does a good job of sunsets, and Im glad I took the first one using my normal settings.

Clive Small - 15. Apr, 2016 - Reply

I think to me the first one.

frankiekay - 15. Apr, 2016 - Reply

I also think so – it would be very nice poster size – I like the delicate shades up the hillside

margaret - 16. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Me too – prefer the natural shot. The lilacs are pretty and would make a nice poster but not to my taste.

frankiekay - 16. Apr, 2016 - Reply

The light is better in the lilac one though, more graduated