Ancient Ruins of Zimbabwe

In the Great Enclosure…

The walls are massive in the Great Enclosure, at Great Zimbabwe. In this pic (below,) one can see the way the walls were built and the height of some of them!


This is the doorway we came through…


I wonder if all of the walls were as high, here, only heaps of rocks remain.



I took a pic of this passage…


Before realising that it didnt give a good enough impression of the height of the walls..


This passageway leads to the conical tower…cant leave the ruins without a photo of the conical tower!


PS – love the tree! (Closeup, below)When I saw this tree, I immediately thought of Suki Viljoen who ruthlessly hugs trees in the UK while I take up the slack here in Zimbabwe!


Seems its not a tree – its a colony!

Ive posted this pic again, taken from the hill complex as a reference – the conical tower is not easy to see. (Its under the trees at the far left back of the Great Enclosure.)


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mukul chand - 20. Apr, 2016 - Reply

great post

frankiekay - 20. Apr, 2016 - Reply


mukul chand - 20. Apr, 2016 - Reply


JohnRH - 20. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Not only a lot of stones but a lot of shaping for each stone. The builders were busy.

frankiekay - 20. Apr, 2016 - Reply

You can still see where the rock was gathered, here and at the other sites throughout Zimbabwe.
The granite, which they were built from, exfoliates into sheets naturally. With the use of fire and water, the builders were able to accelerate the natural process. Of course they still had to make them into brick size and carry them to the site. Also, its thought they were built over centuries

spookmoor - 21. Apr, 2016 - Reply

My, my, long time since I was last there but your marvellous snaps bring it all back. Well done.

frankiekay - 21. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Thanks – glad it brings back good memories

spookmoor - 21. Apr, 2016 - Reply

I’m smiling.

frankiekay - 21. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Glad I was able to make you do that! Keep going!

Suki - 12. May, 2016 - Reply

What an awesome experience that trip must have been.

frankiekay - 12. May, 2016 - Reply

Pity about the weather – Id have liked at least a little sunshine!