Dust Roads…


Taken in the Matopos, fairly late in the afternoon, the shadows lengthening.




Mtshelele Dam (above) taken at lunch time, the bright African sun making it difficult to take pics. I hid in the shadow of a tree to get this one!


Silozwe Hill, in the Matopos. (During the Rhodesian Bush war – the SAS used this hill during their selection routine!) The road meanders around gullies and washouts!

I just love the tree near the women.


These two pics are taken at Khami Ruins (30km outside Bulawayo.) The road weaves through large Mkiya Trees for a several hundred metres before one arrives at the ruins.


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dendymactoodle - 03. Jun, 2016 - Reply

I’d love to see more pictures of Khami and the ruins as it’s many years since I was last there
Two spectacular birds I recall seeing there were the Crimsonbreasted Shrike and the Violeteared Waxbill
Is nearby Cyrene Mission with its iconic art school still going ?

frankiekay - 03. Jun, 2016 - Reply

I have lots of pics! Not sure if people would get bored with too many though! Maybe I can make a gallery slideshow? Yes, Cyrene is still going strong

Suki - 06. Jun, 2016 - Reply

Scrolling through…the memories leap out, The top one my favourite.

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2016 - Reply

I wondered whether to have that top pic as a stand alone – a single pic on one post…I like it very much

Suki - 06. Jun, 2016 - Reply

Speaks volumes that one…