This pic, above, inspired Terry Dawson to write this poem:

With perfect certainties all know
The wondrous ways of trees that grow.

Their forms sacred against the sky
Inspire those who pass them by

While thirsting roots have stealthy-found
Their liquid banquet underground

And each has with perfection laid
Soft, leafy resting place in shade.

And with gnarled trunk and scarred, bowed bough
Yet glad-beheld by man somehow.

From us their crafty ways are hidden
Which bounties bare each year unbidden.

As if touched with nobility
The trees give all and give it free.

by Terry Dawson

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Sue - 25. Jun, 2016 - Reply

How lovely that happened from your tree picture.

frankiekay - 25. Jun, 2016 - Reply

Yes – he is an amazing poet