Makoni East…

We did three surveys in this area for Maranatha Volunteers, a branch of the Seventh Day Adventist Churches…


What a view! I took this pic from the front yard of an elderly couple I met carrying their maize home from the grinding mill.


Homesteads are small here, compared with Tsholotsho for example, where eight or twelve houses are all included in a stockade. Probably because in Tsolotsho, lions and other predators roam free!


Shopping day?


Look at the size of these rocks, towering over the tiny houses in the valley below.


Pretty setting for a district hospital.


OK, OK – I have to get a tree into my post somewhere! I just LOVED this tree, shaped by the lorries that pass this way!




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Suki - 28. Jul, 2016 - Reply

How super. MY best the shopping day and yes…do like your lorry tree 🙂

frankiekay - 28. Jul, 2016 - Reply

That place was very interesting – the houses very far apart, maize fields big compared with other areas, like Buhera where there are many more people living, often squashed together. The views are awesome – those tall mountains all around. Real pity I wasnt there when the Msasa were out! 

Mike Canter - 28. Jul, 2016 - Reply

Absolutely beautiful pics. Thanks.

frankiekay - 28. Jul, 2016 - Reply

Thank you