Is a fishing resort on the Zambezi, where the river becomes Lake Kariba. I’m guessing ‘back in the day’ it was pretty rough and ready, since men don’t really worry about creature comforts when it comes to fishing. But now its really civilised, with air-conditioning and two swimming pools! We stayed here when we worked in the area earlier this year, so to spend quality “off-time” at chalet no 16 (which belongs to my sister) was special.

p1220536-001This view (above) is from the jetty. Kariba is very low at the moment and the banks, protruding from the water mess up my photos! This one is taken looking into the sun, so you cant see them.

p1220520These are taken at the swimming pool at dawn.



The ferry leaves from Mlibizi. I’m told its a magic trip, with game viewing and excellent food, (on my to do list.) If you look carefully in the next pic, you can see the ramp you have to reverse your car up! Mlibizi resort is hidden in that clump of trees behind the ramp.


p1220518The sunsets (and sunrises) over the water are stunning. I love to just sit on the bank (far away from crocs!) and enjoy the silence and that Zambezi smell, that has to be experienced. I cant describe it. p1220427_hdrThe first time we went out on the water, it was like glass. Totally still, no ripples disturbing the surface and it was hard to distinguish the sky from the reflection. That’s Zambia you are looking at in this pic (above.)

So if you want a fishing getaway for $25.00/day – ask for chalet 16!

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JohnRH - 18. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Beautiful. When it’s hot is it dry or humid?

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Its usually very hot and dry in the Zambezi valley. The rainstorms are usually short and sharp. We noticed that the lake has hardly made a difference to the land surrounding it – only right next to the shores are the trees bigger. As soon as one moves a short distance away, the trees are stunted and the grass dry

Joan g - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Those are wonderful photos of that area! It reminded me that in Oct 1975 my ex-husband Rhett & I spent a long weekend at Mlibizi with the late Alan Cockle, his wife and another couple, who flew the 6 of us there in their small planes. It was pretty basic game park type accommodation then, with the hippos garumphing around the chalets in the evenings. The water level was high & Rhett caught a tiger fish from the shore, only to read on our return to Salisbury ( Harare) that a man had been taken by a crocodile from that same spot the next weekend! That probably hasn’t changed.

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

I heard the hippos clearly from our chalet and I love the sounds in the early morning. The chalet’s are not fancy – my sister’s has all new fridges and freezers cutlery etc and it has airconditioners in all rooms (other than the kitchen to remind you how hot its going to be once you step out of the house!) We didnt fish off the bank, and yes, I dont think its recommended – the crocs are HUGE in Kariba now. We had a boatman who knew all the good fishing spots. Actually not alot has changed in Mlibizi! The gardens are beautiful and its a lovely spot with a slight bit of wind if you know where to go – fantastic place for a break from busy life

Suki - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Super dooper…I wish…adds to bucket list 🙂

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

You should! Its lovely there – you would really enjoy it

TheHairy1 - 02. Nov, 2016 - Reply

Nice work. Suddenly another spot in planning!

frankiekay - 03. Nov, 2016 - Reply

It’s a good one, esp if you like fishing!

Antony Boyd - 22. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Brings back memories of my childhood, we had a timeshare in one of the chalets, number 7 I think. One year we took the ferry from Kariba. The best bream fishing ever. They used to throw “masese” (sp?) into the water to attract them and it sure did the job – we used to catch them in the dozens and then come back and the main kitchen would cook them for us. Absolutely delicious!

frankiekay - 22. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Masese is still used as bait – but they also use donkey cubes (as you can see in the photo) Im guessing what you call the “main Kitchen” is now chalet 16 where we stayed.

Antony Boyd - 22. Nov, 2018 - Reply

By “main kitchen” I meant the restaurant kitchen – would that be where Chalet 16 is? A beautiful place and great photos, the reflections picture is amazing!

frankiekay - 22. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Yes, I think that is now chalet 16 – its in the middle of the resort.

Antony Boyd - 22. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Yes it was in the middle.