Trees in the Zambezi Valley…


This tree is at the hot spring in Binga


This one is also in Binga, the lake in the background.


This amazing tree is at the Mlibizi Hotel.


And the last one, directly opposite Mlibizi Resort

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joanfrankham - 18. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Wow. They are all wonderful. Especially the one with the red sun!

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Yes, I zoomed in somewhat with that one. The red sun over the water is always amazing on the Zambezi

joanfrankham - 18. Oct, 2016 - Reply

…or is it the moon rise??

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply


Streets of Nuremberg - 18. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Been on the banks of the Zambezi last year. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Its a special place, isn’t it? 

JohnRH - 18. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Banyan I presume? (The amazing tree.)

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

I think its a kind of fig, but Im going to have to ask around!

JohnRH - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

It looks similar to a Mysore Fig but more like a Banyan to me. I’m not informed on the subject, just seen both.

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Ive had some replies! Apparently a Banyan is a type of fig. Everyone is fairly sure this is a ficus of some kind, just hard to tell exactly which one. From where its located, they all think it must not be native to that place (on the Zambezi)

Suki - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Second one my fav x

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Me too – I couldn’t believe it when I saw it there

Mike Canter - 25. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Love trees (and bush)…

frankiekay - 25. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Me three!