Fish Eagle…

This fish eagle often sits in a tree directly opposite Mlibizi fishing camp, it’s nest just around the corner. One of a pair, they also feed a juvenile (brown coloured still,) and are probably laying eggs right now in their messy nest.

Our boatman threw a tiddler onto the water with a reed stuck through its gills. After following the bird carefully in its descent, I missed the shot! Luckily, the fish-eagle did too, on his first pass, and I got to record this magnificent bird change direction and swoop down directly towards me.

Wow, what power…


Swooping down…


This is where he had to turn in mid air!





I was told a story about a fish eagle at Mlibizi Hotel. (Pic in the previous post.)

Rescued as a chick, the fish eagle had been brought up at the hotel, probably fed with the scraps from fisherman. Fully grown, it sat in a tree above the pool, as fish eagle are wont to do.

One day, a guy with a bald patch, jumped into the pool and began swimming across! I’m guessing from the birds perspective, his bald patch looked awfully like lunch, shimmering under water!

The fish eagle swooped down and stuck his talons into his scalp! It made quite a mess, I’m told!


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Piet van zyl - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

As we used to say in the “old days” Beaut photos Frankie — please keep them coming.

frankiekay - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Will do! Thanks for the comment and visit

Suki - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Wowser of an experience for you. Well done on all those fab shots.

frankiekay - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Yes it is an amazing experience – to see these creatures SO close and yet in the wild and they are incredibly powerful. You should have seen how he turned mid flight – amazing

JohnRH - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Wow! Nice shots!

frankiekay - 24. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Yup! And all, twenty metres from the boat – very special experience (these are big birds)

Annemarie van Helfteren - 25. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Beautiful pictures, lovely to have captured him so perfect on your pictures. Oh and I love the story of the bald man, ouch must have been very painfull

frankiekay - 25. Oct, 2016 - Reply

Yes – it was his son who told me the story – imagine what he must have looked like to his son! Covered in blood!