Vintage Air Rally…

The Cyprus to Cape Vintage Air Rally landed in Bulawayo this morning and I was on hand to take some pics…


Although I know nothing about planes, I could appreciate the engineering! This rotary engine in particular.


This one had a wooden prop…if you look at the top one, its aluminum, which the owner told me, is original!


Great turn out from the vintage car society…


They parked artistically so we could take pics!!!



They will be here for a few days, but if you are interested, this is their website:


A few video clips I took at the Bulawayo Airport

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joanfrankham - 08. Dec, 2016 - Reply

lovely photos, the airport is looking good also!

frankiekay - 08. Dec, 2016 - Reply

Thank you. Yes it is looking good, although I prefer the old one! Its the same control tower though

TheHairy1 - 09. Dec, 2016 - Reply

Great photos. The airport is looking better than I last saw it – though that was around 2003.

frankiekay - 09. Dec, 2016 - Reply

The entire time my daughter was at school in the UK, we used the horrid metal hangar  they were using as an airport terminus. It was SO hot sometimes under that roof, I don’t know how the staff managed to be so polite! Now she is finished, we get this fancy airport! The building is air-conditioned although the control tower is the same one.