A walk around the lower Hillside Dams…

Timing my walk to capture the sunset “golden hour,” I chose to walk the dogs around the lower dam because it won’t be brim full for much longer. The photos below are in the order I took them.
This photo, above is taken on the western bank (near the tearoom) looking to where I will soon be walking.
Heading for that bench, two dogs on leads, a camera around my neck, my camera case over my arm, my phone, car keys and lens shade in my pocket, I snapped a few pics. Several had to be deleted because the dogs have no patience for photographers. There are too many smells to be investigated, two leads to ensure are tangled!
Once seated, I let the dogs off their leashes and snapped a pic of  the heron I’d been stalking (yeah right, with two panting German Shepherds) hoping for a close up (he is just poking his head over at me in the previous photo!)
We couldn’t resist climbing the kopjie directly above the seat…although Lizzy struggled a little (her legs are still too short!) I took some pics of the dam from up there, but they are all lousy – too many trees in the way.
That rock on the left is just balancing on another huge rock – ready to fall down the hillside at any moment! (Probably been there for millennia!)
Of course we couldn’t resist walking along this wall (unfortunately it’s got a hole, so I couldn’t make it to the island.) And Lizzy jumped in!!! I think she mistook the green water plant for green grass! She went under about a foot and came up doggy paddling madly! I had to reach down and haul her out of the drink! (Good show my phone didn’t fall into the water – or worse, the car keys!)
The “golden hour” light is lovely in the photo above, but I could NOT entice the dogs to pose there. It’s annoying – they run about sniffing and looking down holes yet when I WANT them to go a short distance away for a photo shoot, they look at me with that innocent “You mean you WANT us to go over there and be bad???”
This is the only one I got of them, running on the path ahead of me.
This pic (above) for me, is the pick of the photos I took yesterday. Looking almost directly into the sun.P1240606
Looking towards the upper dams, just about to cross back to the western side of the dams.
Of course, the sun dropped too low and I’d lost the “golden light.”
These photos taken towards the dam wall.
I hope you enjoyed the walk with me. I didn’t take any more after this one, firstly because the light had faded and secondly because Zulu began behaving badly. His previous owners must have always put him back on the leash when they got close to the vehicle!
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Nkosilathi - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Thanks Frankie I really enjoyed that walk through your photography . It reminded me of 1 time my scout troop camped at Hillside dams. Fantastic photography .

frankiekay - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Thanks, Nkosilathi – its looking lovely atm

JohnRH - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Wow! Really great colors in these photos. Is Lizzy a pup I presume!

frankiekay - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Lizzy is my new puppy – I thought Id posted a pic and introduced her, but seems it was on Facebook only – I’m working on it right now. Yes, I am very pleased with the evening colours

Julie - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Love the way you word things and so enjoy a walk with you… even a drive

frankiekay - 14. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Thank you! Yes, this one is a bit more chatty than usual!!!

Margaret - 13. Jun, 2017 - Reply

As usual the commentary you put to your photos just brings them to life Frankie. We can’t wait to get back there.

Richard Lambert-Porter - 14. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Beautiful photos which bring back many memories… I lived a few hundred metres away from the Hillside Dams until I moved to Canada 15 years ago. So nice to see them again. Pity the dogs didn’t get in on the action. I wish I could take my rescue dog there… he’d have a blast! Thanks for sharing!

frankiekay - 14. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Thank you – you were very lucky to live so close – we live in Suburbs and I have to drive there to walk the dogs. If I go with someone, I manage to get the dogs in – but I was alone the other evening so they didn’t oblige! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog

20degreessouth - 14. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Awesome pictures!

frankiekay - 14. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Thank you very much

Suki - 16. Jun, 2017 - Reply

Looks like a lovely outing

frankiekay - 22. Jun, 2017 - Reply

It is. Now there are security guards, many people are going there – there is a tea room and lovely benches and paths.