Matopos Siding

Called ‘The Matopos’ this siding is no longer in use. Its close enough to the main Kezi Rd for a quick stop in…and the grove of trees nearby – wow – to die for!
The siding is not far from the road leading in the Matopos Police station along this grassy track. You can just see the cattle loading ramp hidden in the trees. Built from thick steel bars, its still going strong, unlike the sign that used to read “The Matopos.”
This view (above) is the one anyone hanging out of a carriage window would have seen as they approached the siding.
Cecil John Rhodes left a provision in his will for a spur line to be added onto the railway so people could visit the Matopos. Right next to this halt, a hotel was built for visitors and day trippers. I’m guessing it was wooden and got eaten by termites in time! On this website I found some photos:
As I walked towards the siding I detoured into the grove of Umkhaya on my right.
Click on this link for an Umkhaya tree.

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Anne Napier - 08. Sep, 2017 - Reply

Wow! Your photos are breathtaking and bring back some wonderful memories. Thank you so much.

frankiekay - 08. Sep, 2017 - Reply

Many thanks, and thanks too for commenting