Early morning light…

I went out early in the morning to shoot jacaranda trees, and came across this – early morning light shining through a bougainvillea shrub…This camera does and excellent job of capturing images directly into the light.
I enhanced it a bit using ON1. Please let me know in the comments below, if you think its a better image

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Dave Hallett - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

The second image is better because the software that you used to process it has extracted some of the detail that was lost/obscured in some of the dark and shadowy areas of the first image. Both images have their individual qualities and it comes down to the preference of the viewer as to whether one ids better than the other. I assume that your original (in camera) image is a raw file.

frankiekay - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thanks for that detailed crit. Actually, I used the jpeg for this one – I should have a go at the RAW image and see if I can effect any improvements

Dave Hallett - 08. Oct, 2017 - Reply

A jpeg in its final form is a compressed file where all the adjustments have been made in camera. Potentially being compressed a lot of detail is lost and cannot be recovered. A RAW file has a large dynamic range, i.e. the amount of tonal detail that exists between the darkest and lightest parts of the image. A jpeg file has a much reduced dynamic range. When viewed as shot a RAW image can look flat and dark because it has not been processed in camera – it responds to post camera processing in a raw editor such as Lightroom. If you are shooting landscapes, nature, or virtually any scene that has a high Dynamic Range, then you want to be shooting in RAW to allow you to have additional post production flexibility to darken (burn) the highlights, while raising (dodging) the shadows. I’d like to have a RAW image from you and process it to show you the difference between it and the identical jpeg. Thank you for all these wonderful images, I’m really missing the place!

frankiekay - 10. Oct, 2017 - Reply

I do shoot everything in RAW – but I find I dont seem to get the photos to look the same as the image I make in the viewfinder.

JohnRH - 06. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Yes, to me it looks, clearer, sharper, lighter, more light. What is ON1?

frankiekay - 07. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Its a processing software I use from Lightroom. I save all my photos into Lightroom nowadays

Chris Annear - 07. Oct, 2017 - Reply

I prefer the enhanced image, especially as there’s more light and detail in the ochre colours.

frankiekay - 07. Oct, 2017 - Reply

So do I! I just wish I could get rid of the rusty give way sign!!!
I know there is a way to do it with photoshop, and Ill get it out, one day!

frances bell - 11. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Don’t know the difference but they are all beautiful shots. Love looking at them. Tx for sharing.

frankiekay - 11. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thank you