Jacaranda time…

When the Bulawayo founders laid out our town, all in nice straight gridlines, they planted Jacaranda trees, especially in the old Suburbs – Northend, Suburbs, Khumalo.P1250526
Now, one hundred years down the line, the purple flowers make a spectacular show in the first week of October.
Cycle down the road, or drive with the window open and you can hear them popping under your tyres.
Along the older streets, branches have tangled into an arch overhead.
I took these photos early in the morning to catch the best light. Its also when children walk to school.
You can see them, all carrying their satchels full of schoolbooks.
This last one is taken from my driveway, looking South along Heyman Road.

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Streets of Nuremberg - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

I was in Bulawayo 24 years ago when the Jacaranda bloomed – still remember it! Thanks for sharing!

Paul - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Happy days of childhood, gone forever.

frankiekay - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Good memories though?

Anne Napier - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thank you for the beautiful photos they bring back such wonderful memories.

frankiekay - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thank you for visiting and commenting

JohnRH - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

WOW. Beautiful!

frankiekay - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

They are lovely this year – really stunning – I think its because of the decent rainy season we got last year

bulldog - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Wow what beauty

frankiekay - 05. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thanks – they are beautiful this year

Sue - 07. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Great share – thank you

frankiekay - 07. Oct, 2017 - Reply


frances bell - 11. Oct, 2017 - Reply

All spectacular shots. Tx

frankiekay - 11. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Many thanks for your visit and comment