Matshemhlope River Rail Bridge…

In 1897, the railway line arrived at Bulawayo via Botswana. This little bridge (below) crosses the Matshemhlope River in Suburbs. Its no longer part of the railway system, but each time I cross it, I image the huge steam beasts that used to lumber over it regularly.
The railway line continued right past our house in Suburbs. Just think, when our house was built more than one hundred years ago, I could have just walked out of the front gate with my suitcase and traveled all the way to Cape Town!
There used to be a level crossing round about where the furtherest car is just rounding the corner. (As you may have guessed, I wanted a pic of that amazing tree, and just found an excuse to talk about the level crossing!)
At times, after a heavy storm, the water roars under this bridge covering over the grassy banks. In the dry season, the water stinks and driving over the road bridge with strangers in the car, I feel obliged to mention it’s the Matshemhlope!
The Matshehlope River is hardly a river – more a spruit one can hop over in many places. Starting at the Criterion Water Works, it winds its way through Bulawayo and eventually joins the Umguza River.
Its used as a water feature and “rough” where it flows through the Bulawayo Golf Course.
Looks like a jungle? Good luck finding your balls in there!
These two pics below are where you can hop over it…
Follow this tiny stream a few kilometres and yes – you get to the Hillside Dams!

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tuppit260 - 19. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Lovely use of light and shading in your photos!

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thank you – a friend I met on Facebook, gave me a polorising filter – it has made a huge difference and as I have also said many times – my camera (also given to me by someone I met on FB!!) handles light extremely well

Earle Heasman - 19. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thanks for the feature on my home town. Very nostalgic and endearing.
Kindest regards Earle

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Thank you – for both your visit and comment

Brian Holder - 19. Oct, 2017 - Reply

Awesome Frankie!

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2017 - Reply


Will Wakefield - 26. Mar, 2018 - Reply

The M river when running used to flow through our plot on Brentwood Road! Awesome when in full flow!

frankiekay - 13. May, 2018 - Reply

Its pretty awesome when it floods over 12th Ave – and a big side benefit is that a flood washes away all the stinky pools and litter