Nswatugi Cave…

This cave is a favourite of mine – the climb is less than several others in the area, since the car takes you most of the way!P1280599
I was able to visit this old friend of mine on the way to the cave. I hardly ever go past here nowadays, as the road is so bad. I find it more efficient to climb up from the carpark below.
We picked up a Russian guy at the main park gate (described as a ‘visitor to our country’ by the National parks rangers who asked us to give him a lift)  – poor bloke, I don’t think he knew what he was letting himself in for! Goggled at us chatting to our favourite trees and taking pics of rocks!

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JohnRH - 18. May, 2018 - Reply


frankiekay - 18. May, 2018 - Reply

What I always find amazing, is not only the age of these paintings, but also how good they are. After all, there doesnt seem to a a “practice cave” where one can stand and say – mmm clearly the apprentices worked here. Oh look, that zebra isnt half bad… Not as good as the one at Nswatugi, but hey one day he will get the nod!!! There are hundreds of cave paintings in Southern Africa – sometimes just one, an animal, or a series of human figures and Ive never seen a substandard one. Do you have similar in the US? - 18. May, 2018 - Reply

Thank you for the beautiful and skilful photography, there is a lot to look at. Brought back feelings of nostalgia as well as a great deal of pleasure, a wonderful reminder of the many happy years we spent in a beautiful country.James McGeoch.

frankiekay - 19. May, 2018 - Reply

Thanks for that encouragement. Zimbabwe is just as beautiful as it ever was

frankiekay - 20. May, 2018 - Reply

A lot? Wow, I take hundreds of pics and never know which ones to put up! Matopos is still as lovely as ever – not as much game around as back in the day, but luckily the trees and the amazing rocks are still there. We noticed lots of birdlife as we drove closer to water. Thank you for your comment and visit, its always nice to hear