Matopos Roads…

There is something about a road that enhances photos – makes you wonder where its going, or what is around the next, I guess.
This first one is taken at Mshelele Dam, one of my favourite places in Matopos.
The road is fairly bad here, so stopping for a pic wasnt much effort
I liked the colours in this one, the winter yellows and browns showing now. The gold of the grass is, of course, classic Matabeleland.
Can’t resist that pink tree.
This rock is amazing with that slab hanging off the side! The road passes so close to it, that it towers right over your head.

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MP Canter - 19. May, 2018 - Reply

Top pics (as usual).

frankiekay - 20. May, 2018 - Reply

Thank you

Julie Morris - 20. May, 2018 - Reply

With it being sunday these photos took me down memory lane for more than five minutes, thank you as the atmosphere has been caught through your lens Frankie

frankiekay - 21. May, 2018 - Reply

Sundays are good for nostalgia

bulldog - 03. Jun, 2018 - Reply

You ar so good at this

frankiekay - 04. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – your old stamping grounds