Mshelele Dam

Ive never seen so many lilies at Mshelele dam. But who cares, it makes a lovely foreground.
These photos are all taken at lunch time, with the bright African sun making my life difficult. So I hid behind a tree to shade the lens.

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JohnRH - 20. May, 2018 - Reply

Are a lot of lilies a bad thing? Are they invasive or clogging the flow? Pretty as a picture regardless.

frankiekay - 21. May, 2018 - Reply

I don’t think they do clog the flow, and they don’t cover over the entire water surface unlike the Kariba weed (Salvinia molesta.) That had begun to cover huge areas of lake Kariba and most of the dams in the region in the 1970’s and 80’s and totally messed up the ecosytem. In next door Botswana, its almost impossible to take your own boat onto the swamps due to inspections and cleaning costs of boats and their motors esp. They are very serious there about exotic species interfering with the very fragile ecosystem of the shallow water area.