Autumn colours…

Its getting cold here now – it’s been about 6 degrees Celcius for a week or more. (That is about 42 F for those of you who use that nomenclature.) That is cold for me! However, the lovely autumn colours begin to show.
I like this photo and I hope someone decides to paint it.

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Roxie - 26. May, 2018 - Reply

Beautiful, you’re right, it should be painted. I’m not talented that way, though. 🙂

frankiekay - 26. May, 2018 - Reply


JohnRH - 27. May, 2018 - Reply

Ooh. That IS a good photo. Nature has already painted it, with infinite specks of color intermingled. Good job!

frankiekay - 27. May, 2018 - Reply

Thank you, I agree. I don’t know if you find that you can tell what your “best photo” of a batch is as soon as you click the shutter? I knew this one was going to be good before I even picked my camera up! I had been playing rugby with some kids and Lizzy (the dog), when I saw this across the dam, the light just right. I abandoned the game for a bit…I’m glad to hear you appreciate it, because so often, only people who come from here really ‘get’ the winter landscape or the subtle colours in the drying grasses.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photos, I do appreciate it (and of course, love talking about how beautiful my country is!)

JohnRH - 28. May, 2018 - Reply

Yes, ‘the light just right’. Those are the rare beauties.

Suki - 27. May, 2018 - Reply

Very autumn and peaceful. We have got our spring, with sunny days and temps of 26, so beginning to defrost after a long winter.

frankiekay - 27. May, 2018 - Reply

As here, we go into winter. I’m threatening to go to Milibizi! I hate the cold