Rhodes' Grave…

Cecil John Rhodes is buried on top of “Malindidzimu,” in the Matopos. He called the place “Worlds View.” Although to be honest, I know of way better places to view the Matopos.
Roughly translated Malindidzimu means, “Hill of Spirits,” or perhaps more specifically, “Place of Benevolent Spirits.”
The view is pretty good from here.
These two pics, above and below, are taken from a bench soon after the carpark (before the climb to the grave site.)
I couldn’t resist this red tree – I had to get it into the photo somehow!
And of course, when I was up there, had to go to visit old friends! (Above) I just LOVE this tree, although the Russian guy we gave a lift to, was not impressed with what I called a “tree!” I think he probably had more descriptive names in Russian, like “scrub” or “bush!”
If you look carefully, there is a white cross on the top of that hill. It can also be seen at Maleme Dam (a fair distance from World’s View.)

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Dip Nag - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

I really like how you present your content. Very pleasing to the eyes. And also the fact that landscape photography is one of my favorite topics makes it more interesting. There are some pictures from my recent travels also in my travel blog. Would appreciate it if you take your time out to review them, write your critical comments and also, if you like it, follow my travelogue.

frankiekay - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

Thank you, Ill defo have a look

Dip Nag - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

Thank you! Would definitely await your review comments!

Suki Viljoen - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

Never been. Thank you for the share.

frankiekay - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

Oh no – when you come to visit – Ill take you there

JohnRH - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

Rhodes has quite the history.

frankiekay - 30. May, 2018 - Reply

I guess if you get a country to be named after yourself…