Mtshabezi Dam…

We visited Mtshabezi (pronounced mmm cha bezi) Dam a while ago, and I noticed aloes on the road through the gorge. Since there are lovely aloes out all over Matabeleland, I thought it would be an idea to take pics there. None were out!!! But I couldn’t have picked a better day for a visit.
This first photo was taken on the (very bumpy) road over the gorge.
We  had the place to ourselves, other than a few civilised fishermen – instead of noisy motorboats! The weather was kind – bright sunlight at midday, and then the wind tailed off until the water was like glass in the evening.
A recent addition to Bulawayo’s water supply, Mtshabezi is a picturesque dam built in the 1990’s. It’s on the southern end of the Matopos about 40km from the Gwanda/Bulawayo rd.
I love the rocks sitting in the water.
Mtshabezi is almost full still, which is pretty good considering the rainy season was middling.
I’m thinking of carrying the canoe on top of the car so I can paddle further upstream – Ill get some lovely pics, I’m sure. Im reliably informed that there are no crocs or hippos in this dam. Hippo make quick work of canoes!

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JohnRH - 03. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Great pictures. I almost missed that aloe in the first shot, until I zoomed in. I like the light and the rocks in the last 3 photos too.

frankiekay - 04. Jun, 2018 - Reply

The aloes here are bright bright orange, red…so I wanted to have that orange and red in the photo. Its a lovely dam – very isolated and the water was smooth as glass.

Suki Viljoen - 04. Jun, 2018 - Reply

How super. Just like travel postcards!!

frankiekay - 04. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Yes it is!

matobosoul - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

New places to visit when, one day, I get back…what a beautiful, tranquil spot!

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

It is a truly beautiful dam – bit difficult to get to it – but once you are there, you can really “get away.” So…when are you coming!

matobosoul - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Soon, I hope!

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply


Anne - 19. Jul, 2018 - Reply

Your photographs are lovely!

frankiekay - 25. Jul, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – its a very photogenic dam!