Is a little village about fifty kilometres from Bulawayo heading south towards Johannesburg. The town and buildings have changed since I grew up there, but the surrounding countryside is much the same.P1280921
And that’s about it in the main street! The Why Not Hotel’s paint job is a little garish next to the post office’s more traditional one!
And then we leave the town for the countryside…
I chose to avoid a $2.00 toll gate and took this road! (Heading South west.)
Looking south and late in the evening, is an unusual view of the Matopos (although one I’ve posted here before, but taken in the morning.)
OK, so this is a bit of a cheat! I didn’t HAVE to go on this road to avoid the toll! But I did in order to follow the sunset! You know, I think taking photos is sort of like surfing. Like a surfer, waiting for that perfect wave, I sit around in the freezing evenings, or walk up just one more hill, or drive my poor car down roads like this one above – looking for that perfect shot! Always just around the corner!
The sunset was worth driving home in the dark (I don’t have the best night sight!)
It’s cold now (temperatures are just over 0 degrees C)
This last pic is taken on the main Johannesburg road – and it was eina cold!

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Mike - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Like your urban pics!

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – I am still practicing – these were taken mostly as reference photos for people who knew the place

JohnRH - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Ha ha. Why Not!! I like the light on the 2nd and 4th pics, and the silhouette on the last.

frankiekay - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply

It was the light shining on the trees, (and the hills in the distance,) that drew me down that terrible road. I had to reverse out and was in trouble with my gardener for scratching the car! Names in Africa are pretty inventive. We have people here named “Trymore,” “Getmore” “Honest” and even “Eggs!!” On the way to Mtshabezi we came across a store called “ZimWrong” and about 20km further on, another called “ZimRight!!” Praps competition, or a sense of humour?

JohnRH - 06. Jun, 2018 - Reply