Mtshabezi Dam…

Built in a long narrow valley, Mtshabezi Dam is long and deep. These two photos are taken in the bright overhead sunlight, in the mid day.
It was a bit later, when I took this one:
Fishermen, who brave the road with their boats, launch just in front of where I was standing.
I really like this rock (above)with the trees growing out of them. I tried to line it up with another interesting rock in the foreground, but it just didn’t gel. I’ll try again when I get the boat into the water.
The trees are beginning to shed their leaves and that orange, is actually leaves, not flowers.
I liked the stark white of this dead tree – taken in the late afternoon light. Im thinking someone good at manipulating RAW images might have fun with it.
These last images were taken with fading light.

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dendymactoodle - 10. Jun, 2018 - Reply

In 1956 I bought sub division D of Florencedale Farm which had the Mtshabezi flowing through ( no dam in those days ) with the dam wall site on the boundary.
There were rumours of the prospect of a dam at the time.
I sold the property just after UDI
Peter Taylor

frankiekay - 18. Jun, 2018 - Reply

I think it was finally built in the 1990’s and it now supplies water to Bulawayo. Your place must have been beautiful

matobosoul - 11. Jun, 2018 - Reply


frankiekay - 18. Jun, 2018 - Reply

It is lovely – I am hoping to take a canoe there (no hippo) and Ill get some excellent shots from on the water

Suki - 15. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Lovely series of pictures. Water, rocks and trees. Fab.

frankiekay - 18. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Thanks very much – its a lovely dam – I cant wait to explore it with a canoe soon