Cattle Loading Ramp…

Looking for Msasa trees, near Mbalabala, I came across this old loading ramp.
This place used to be part of a larger cattle ranch, (recently cut into much smaller acreages.)
Cattle destined for sale, would have been collected here, waiting for transport lorries to arrive.

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JohnRH - 21. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Ahh. The zoom version is even better.

frankiekay - 22. Oct, 2018 - Reply

It was so very hard to choose – I took several and eventually came up with a few I thought were the best

Sue - 21. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Thank you. Evokes memories of our Lake Mac farm. Helping mum and the workers building them. Hauling rocks. Chasing cattle up the ramps to the trucks. Dust, excitement, memories….they all come flooding back at a picture.

frankiekay - 22. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Yes, its never easy to get the cattle into the ramp and, to be honest, I never liked sending my cattle away to slaughter