Playing with light…

Here in Africa, the sun is HUGE!!!
Driving home from Esigodini, late one evening, I happened across this view:
The sun seemed to be hanging between the cooling towers of the Bulawayo Power Station.
SO – I went looking for other late evening shots!
Taken on a different day, from a slightly different angle.
This was taken about a kilometre further along 12th Avenue from the one above.
This is a view from what used to be Selborne Avenue in Bulawayo (Now Leopold Takawira) near the Centenary Park.
Leopold Takawira Avenue is lined with tall palms (the Natural History Museum is on the right of this photo.)
I live in one of those old colonial houses, in Suburbs (one of the first suburbs in Bulawayo) with wooden floors, wooden doors and sash windows. I stood in my hallway, looking out of the front door for this shot, above.
My last photo was taken outside Girls College, very late in the evening:

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TheHairy1 - 20. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Great pictures, Frankie.
They bring back many memories, especially the cooling towers. As a kid, probably about 6 or 7, my dad was involved in maintenance of the told towers – I was taken up inside them.

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2018 - Reply

They are iconic. What I found strange, was how close to the centre of town they appeared in these photos – it must be something to do with the sun behind them, cos usually they are very much in the background.
My grandfather worked as a security guard there, although I wasnt taking inside them, but I did trail my hands through the water pouring down the insides,

Annemarie van Helfteren - 20. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Once again, stunning pictures- They are brilliant

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – the sunsets were awesome at that time, and when i was returning from Esigodini (I was working there for more than a month) in the late evenings I was driving right into them

JohnRH - 21. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Oooh, nice. Love that front door shot.

frankiekay - 22. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Thanks – one day, Im going to put stained glass into the front peak – it will look lovely with the light shining through it in the evenings