Juliasdale Msasa…

A couple of years ago, we were working in the Eastern Highlands in the middle of winter, often with cloudy skies and slight ‘guti.’ I got some lovely photos (I’ve posted them here,) especially of the aloes and the cold winter colours.
Our host, who has the good fortune to live with the view in my first photo from his porch, told me to come back when the Msasa were out for even better photos. I heeded his advice and let me tell you, Juliasdale in Msasa season, is tree heaven! I took rather a lot of photos, and in the next few posts, I will share the best with you.
I took my dog, Lizzy with me, and she is now quite an intrepid mountain climber!
Juliasdale is a granite area, similar to the Matopos, but with exotic varieties of trees growing on many of the hillsides. Yes, they do mess up my Msasa photos, but they also provide much needed pine for our building industry. You can see them in the photo below, providing some dark green colour as a backdrop.
I drove down this logging track, hoping for some clearer views…
And I found them! The two photos following were taken when I found a clearing overlooking this valley:
I LOVE the lone tree against the granite mound in this photo:

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Robert Fey - 24. Oct, 2018 - Reply

It is very hard to beat the wonderful colours of our Msasas. Robert

frankiekay - 24. Oct, 2018 - Reply

I’d never seen them! The ones we get in Mat’land are very pretty, but as individual trees, or small copses. I was not prepared for the mass of colour when I drove into Juliasdale. I could only stop and gawp!

JohnRH - 24. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Great pix, good lookin’ dog!

frankiekay - 24. Oct, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – she is a beautiful dog – Im very lucky to has such a wonderful companion (and security!)

joanfrankham - 02. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Fantastic colours. They Bring bck great memories.

frankiekay - 02. Nov, 2018 - Reply

They were amazing – Id never been, so it was a shock