Cedar Peak Cottage…

Cedar Peak Cottage is in Juliasdale overlooking a Msasa covered valley. I was allowed to take photos there, but unfortunately, since it was occupied during my visit to the Eastern Highlands, I couldn’t capture the late evening and early morning views. I’ll go back sometime!
It’s a cute cottage, built of stone and an open plan interior.
But its really the views from the garden, a few steps out of the front door, that I wanted to see:

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I was taken to the original “cedar tree” but unfortunately, it has fallen down – I took a pic anyway! It fits in well with the environment now.

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Cedar Peak Cottage is a great place for walking/hiking enthusiasts, with several paths leading down into the valley.
These Msasa form a tunnel overhead!
I sat under these trees, just taking in the atmosphere (sorry the pics are a bit bright – it was nearly mid day when I took these!)

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Back at Cedar Peak Cottage…
This Msasa tree has been cleverly included in the building!
I sat an enjoyed this view above, from the front of the cottage:
Cedar Peak Cottage is on Facebook here
Cedar Peak Cottage Info & Directions – Please Print

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