Aberfoyle Lodge, Honde Valley

When I visited Aberfoyle Lodge, it was still a construction zone! I’m sure by now its been all done up, but I didn’t get any photos of the newly refurbished dining rooms etc.
However, I got some lovely ones of the golf course, the tea estates and the communal areas along the Pungwe River. This photo (above) is taken on the patio of Aberfoyle Lodge.

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Coming from Matabeleland, all this water nearly made me move house!!!

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My decision to visit the Honde Valley and Aberfoyle Lodge, was a spur of the moment thing – totally unplanned. At the last moment, I emailed the lodge, but hadn’t had a reply by the time I left Juliasdale. I was concerned that the lodge was not dog friendly, and although Lizzy is very well behaved, she is also a big dog!
I happened to stop along the way and make the acquaintance of a family on their way to church. When I explained my predicament, they graciously invited me to stay with them, should Aberfoyle be unable to accommodate Lizzy!
Zimbabweans – dontcha love them!
Luckily, the guy who runs Aberfoyle is a dog lover too, and wouldn’t hear of me turning back. He offered me a camping spot next to the rooms:
I hope they sort out a camping park, because its a lovely area to go tramping with your dogs.

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