Pungwe River…

The Pungwe river runs through the Honde Valley. I passed several of these rope bridges on my journey – and I even walked to the middle of this one!!!! I’m scared of heights, so gave myself a pat on the back for intrepidity. (That means bravery/stupidity, for those of you who don’t want to get out a dictionary!)
They are rather wonky things – with the cable joined in several places.
I’m not used to rivers that don’t dry up in the winter and found the emerald green mosses and ferns fascinating.

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A short walk from where I left the car and it felt as if I were the only person around:
Pungwe River Bridge, in the Honde Valley, Zimbabwe.

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TheHairy1 - 06. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Beautiful photos.
Back in the day, just before I finished school, a group of us hiked from Pungwe View, over Mt Inyangani, and spent the last night camped on an island just upstream from the bridge. Great memories.

frankiekay - 06. Nov, 2018 - Reply

I didnt realise the bridge was that close to Mount Inyangane – ie a days hike – it seemed far enough by car!!

TheHairy1 - 07. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Actually it was a 3 day hike. We camped at Pungwe View, having been dropped off there. The next night we camped next to the river, a couple of hours walk from Inyangani.
We climbed Inyangani then walked along the ridge, camping one night there. That was beautiful, a sight few see. The next day we reached the bridge and were picked up the following day, having camped the night on the island.

frankiekay - 07. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Ah, OK thanks for that clarification – It must have been a wonderful hike – the countryside is spectacular