Tea Estates…

Zimbabwe’s famous, Tanganda Tea is grown in the Eastern Highlands where conditions are ideal – enough rain and early morning mists from the Mozambican coast.
Many ex-Zimboes go out of their way to buy Tanganda Tea when they visit here.
I stopped under this tree – tea smells fresh! It’s the only word I can come up with. I always wondered why some varieties of roses were called “tea roses,” and now I know!
I left Aberfoyle Lodge in the early morning, hoping to catch good light. The estate was already awake, with workers going about their daily schedules. Coming from a commercial farming background myself, this activity made me very nostalgic.
Workers housing and packing sheds – above.
Bucketing around the steep corners, I came across this gang, fixing the roads.
This photo (above) inspired local artist, Talent Kapadza to paint the scene:42157410_2192364314138610_1741592737263648768_n.jpg
He is selling this painting for $2800.00 – if you are interested, please get hold of him – he is on Facebook Talent Kapadza

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JohnRH - 07. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Great. Love that first photo, the light is incredible.

frankiekay - 07. Nov, 2018 - Reply

Thank you – my favourite photo is the last one – perhaps because of my connection with organised agriculture – a road gang is such a common sight. They were very friendly too – I stopped and had a chat with them!