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Is my name…and I don’t like go’way birds!


I chase them – me on the ground, them squawking and flapping in the trees.


Up there, in the branches….somewhere!


And then they fly off…off to another tree in the garden


“Security is my name, security is my game…”

Butterfly at Hillside Dams, Bulawayo

I’ve been practicing my macro shots again, and this butterfly posed beautifully…


“Please take my photo…”

…Is something I’m often asked…So, we are waiting for our client on the side of the road in Gutu and along comes this little car…”Please take my photo,” they both ask, and pose for me???


Now don’t you think he looks like he is facing a firing squad? Well that is what I asked him, and I got this:





The elephants come so close to the look-out at Ivory Lodge, Hwange that you sometimes can’t get them all in the frame!


It is great, though, to watch them interact with each other and other animals that come to eat the salt in front of the hide.


Pretty Pink…


I still struggle with dark skins, unless I focus directly on the subject, and with no light background. But Im practicing! This little girl posed beautifully for me, encouraged by her mum.

Word of advice…

Don’t stop to buy fish along the road from Binga…because what starts off with a few (pretty) ladies to barter with…P1160826

Ends up with many, many more! They crowd around the car, shoving wide plates with stinky salted bream through the window, all yelling at the top of their lungs!


Brighton, a member of our survey team, is pictured above wearing the striped shirt! I told him I would send this pic to his wife (s) His reply “Send it, and she will realise how lucky she is!!!” Amazing how brave a man can be when alone, and in this case, surrounded by lots of lovely women!

Miss Ellie…

Blue Heeler PupIs a blue heeler puppy, five weeks old in this photo… (above.)


We name all our pets after famous people! Miss Ellie is named after Miss Ellie in the TV program “Dallas…”


Nearly a year in the photo above, Miss Ellie is a character. She spends a large part of her day trying to herd the chickens! She has a very annoying yip yip bark, but makes up for it with a cute smile!

She was bred from Nicholas Bishop’s pair, Riley and Snow!



Mrs Goat…

I love goats, and couldn’t resist this one…



Taken at Manjolo, SDA Church, in the Binga area


I don’t think Ive ever seen a warthog with such huge tusks. He didn’t even bother to get up off his knees while we sat for ages watching him and snapping pics…P1140673-001

Taken in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Botswana

Inguni cow and calf

Inguni Cow and calfLove these colours. They are meant to be symmetrical you know – the patterns on the coat. We had Nguni on the farm, and although born small, they are tough and had calves every year.

I took this portrait in the Matopos…