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Fish Eagle…

This fish eagle often sits in a tree directly opposite Mlibizi fishing camp, it’s nest just around the corner. One of a pair, they also feed a juvenile (brown coloured still,) and are probably laying eggs right now in their messy nest.

Our boatman threw a tiddler onto the water with a reed stuck through its gills. After following the bird carefully in its descent, I missed the shot! Luckily, the fish-eagle did too, on his first pass, and I got to record this magnificent bird change direction and swoop down directly towards me.

Wow, what power…


Swooping down…


This is where he had to turn in mid air!





I was told a story about a fish eagle at Mlibizi Hotel. (Pic in the previous post.)

Rescued as a chick, the fish eagle had been brought up at the hotel, probably fed with the scraps from fisherman. Fully grown, it sat in a tree above the pool, as fish eagle are wont to do.

One day, a guy with a bald patch, jumped into the pool and began swimming across! I’m guessing from the birds perspective, his bald patch looked awfully like lunch, shimmering under water!

The fish eagle swooped down and stuck his talons into his scalp! It made quite a mess, I’m told!


Butterfly at Hillside Dams, Bulawayo

I’ve been practicing my macro shots again, and this butterfly posed beautifully…


Scarce drinking water…

These images were taken at Big Toms, Robins Camp in Hwange National Park. It was very dry and water was drying up all over the park.



I like the arrangement in the above pic.


On the Zambezi seems to be a social event and everyone joins in – birds, people, crocs!!!P1160757

Waste water from the fish farm enters the Zambezi here and it seems to attract fishermen of all kinds!

In this video, you can see the fish jump about when the croc moves:

Ive no idea what this bird is, but it sure can stay still for long enough. He was drying himself here after a mini dive!



This little kingfisher sits on an abandoned boat roof.


When Lake Kariba filled, trees were flooded and died, providing great subjects for sunset photography! Also pretty good perches for the many water birds found along the Zambezi.


This poor bird, featured above got caught up in a fisherman’s cast…Luckily for it, hooks are valuable things and the fisherman set it free.

Fish Eagle make the most awesome call – and the swooping, majestic flights over the water. They sit for hours on trees or other vantage points over the Zambezi, waiting for prey. I was told a story by the guy who helped me capture the video below – he said he saw a juvenile fish eagle riding on its parent’s back, learning how to fish! I’d love to catch THAT on video!


This video was taken on the Zambezi – not at Binga – a few kilometres upstream near Msuna..


The elephants come so close to the look-out at Ivory Lodge, Hwange that you sometimes can’t get them all in the frame!


It is great, though, to watch them interact with each other and other animals that come to eat the salt in front of the hide.


Elephants at Ivory Lodge

Ivory Lodge, near Hwange National Park, is one of my favourite places in the area, especially for viewing elephant, close up. The hide, close to a salt lick, allows me to watch them interact with each other as well as safely take photos. I’m pretty scared of elephants, so this is a must!

Luckily they wanted us to site a borehole, so we were able to stay overnight!


Its pretty exclusive, so I never feel crowded when I visit there. Below is a pic of one of the rooms. (Love the stilts!)


The two photos below were taken of the elephants eating salt, both taken at night.



I took a short video – I was fascinated to see that they never stand on their trunks when digging!

If ever you have a chance, stay at Ivory Lodge – its an experience.

Rainstorm over the Khama Rhino Sanctuary

There is nothing like an African rainstorm. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is in Serowe, Botswana and its pretty dry there. So to be in a rainstorm is special, its as if the bush knows its going to be renewed. We left Johannesburg very early in the morning in order to give ourselves enough time to stop along the way to take photos!

We arrived at about lunch time, and…went to sleep in the car! We woke to this:



The light was perfect for photos. I took many more than these!


This is now heading back to the campsite:


This tree!! (above.) Ok, I know its featured already on this blog – but without the awesome clouds behind.

The following were all taken in the campsite:


I wanted to get a better view of the amazing sunset, so I climbed this tree – yup, me – for all my followers, I climbed the tree with my precious camera!



I think it was worthwhile! The pastels shades are lovely. This pic and the one below were taken well after sunset.


And then it rained, and rained – it was SUCH fun!

Did we see a Rhino? Yes!!! Lots and lots of lovely Rhino.



I don’t think Ive ever seen a warthog with such huge tusks. He didn’t even bother to get up off his knees while we sat for ages watching him and snapping pics…P1140673-001

Taken in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Botswana


Rodents with tails? Maybe so, but I love to watch them. This one, dropped in for a quick visit while we were drinking our early morning coffee at Sinamatella CampsquirrelsquirrelOops – that big eye, staring at me!

Ive noticed, I can watch animals for ages, but pick up the camera, and they immediately see the “big eye” staring at them. Evolution, I guess!

Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park…

Sinamatella CampCreepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...He stole my apple! Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...Ive never seen so many of these creatures in one place before! Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...Creepy crawlies and other creatures at Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park...