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Faces in the rocks…

Grumpy old manFaces in the rocksThe one below looks like a tortoise!

Faces in the rocksFaces in the rocksI think this one above looks like a bear, or a ram, perhaps.Faces in the rocksThe one above, looks to me like a goblin!

Trees on the climb to Silozwane Cave

TreesTreesTreesI liked the shadows on the this rock, taken during the climb to Silozwane Cave. Whenever, I make that climb, I always am thankful for the views I can photograph! Boy, my calves nearly expire  half way up!

P1120601 P1120602 P1120603 P1120608 P1120610Cave paintings in Silozwane Cave

Rural homesteads

Rural HomesteadsI took all these pics driving through the Matopos, driving from Gulubaghwe to Silozwane Caves.Rural HomesteadsWomen carry water for miles in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. In the foreground of this pic is the resurrection plant.Rural HomesteadsIn a few months time, the field in the foreground of this pic will have maize sprouting. Its been a very dry year,  and people are desperate for good rains.Rural homes

Inguni cow and calf

Inguni Cow and calfLove these colours. They are meant to be symmetrical you know – the patterns on the coat. We had Nguni on the farm, and although born small, they are tough and had calves every year.

I took this portrait in the Matopos…

The slow life…

People in the rural areas walk alot, like really far. We watched this lady, carrying her bag of maize on her head from afar…WalkingThe slow lifeThe slow lifeThe slow lifeOut for a Saturday stroll? I don’t think so!

Old Gwanda Rd…

Old Gwanda RdThis view is from where we parked our car on our way to Gulabughwe Cave on the old Gwanda Rd – unlike most of the other caves with lots of ancient art, this one is not a fearsome climb! Its only about 20m off the road, and up a gentle slope. Gulabughwe CaveThis is (above) the entrance to the cave and the one below shows the strange ‘ship’ with the head of a giraffe and a tail like a scorpion and pictures of animals and people and half animal/people on its back! Gulabughwe Cave

Matopos, early morning

ScotchcartI took this photo after climbing Isotscha¬† in the Matopos. There is a dam just down the road, and some sort of a seep you can see in this pic where people grow vegetables. It’s green, even in the driest season.

On the Zambezi River

On the Zambezi RiverSunrise on the Zambezi (above)

On the Zambezi River

On the Zambezi RiverA little later the colours change to deep blue, indigo and brilliant green.

On the Zambezi RiverThese two pics (above and below) are taken of the Zambian side of the Zambezi. Fishermen; women collecting water, children playing.

On the Zambezi River

The Zambezi is very low at the moment and the people who live along the banks take advantage of the dropping water levels to plant crops, right up to the water’s edge.

On the Zambezi River

Fish Eagle…

Early August found us on the Zambezi, our client 40km from Musuna Island. We were asked to find water for the cook at Musuna, at his rural home up in the hills. Not an easy task when the surrounding area is 170m lower!

Neither of us are great fishermen, but we decided to give it a go, since we were on the Zambezi. We headed off, and tethering at a bream fishing spot, I saw this guy sitting in the tree directly overhead.Fish EagleThe man manning the boat, threw in the bream bait, then threw some chunks of bait out for the tiger fish and this glorious bird swooped down and picked it out of the water, right in front of the boat! Fish EagleSo of course, I had to ask the boatman to try it again so I could capture it with my cameraP1090739

Bulawayo, Leopold Takawira Ave

Natural History MuseumNatural History MuseumL Takawira, looking into townLeopold TakawiraLeopold Takawira