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Rhodes' Grave…

Cecil John Rhodes is buried on top of “Malindidzimu,” in the Matopos. He called the place “Worlds View.” Although to be honest, I know of way better places to view the Matopos.
Roughly translated Malindidzimu means, “Hill of Spirits,” or perhaps more specifically, “Place of Benevolent Spirits.”
The view is pretty good from here.
These two pics, above and below, are taken from a bench soon after the carpark (before the climb to the grave site.)
I couldn’t resist this red tree – I had to get it into the photo somehow!
And of course, when I was up there, had to go to visit old friends! (Above) I just LOVE this tree, although the Russian guy we gave a lift to, was not impressed with what I called a “tree!” I think he probably had more descriptive names in Russian, like “scrub” or “bush!”
If you look carefully, there is a white cross on the top of that hill. It can also be seen at Maleme Dam (a fair distance from World’s View.)

Off to the store…

I took this pic just after Silozwe School, on the way to the shops…
Lines of stores such as these above are common in Zimbabwe at “centres” designated for shops by the councils. They open very early and close very late and most often charge exorbitant amounts for their products.
This one above is Silozwe business centre, the school a couple of kilometre up the road.

Autumn colours…

Its getting cold here now – it’s been about 6 degrees Celcius for a week or more. (That is about 42 F for those of you who use that nomenclature.) That is cold for me! However, the lovely autumn colours begin to show.
I like this photo and I hope someone decides to paint it.

Art in the Park…

Is held at the Hillside Dams every year, around about this time. Anyone can exhibit and this year, colourful tents added to the very colourful paintings (and other artwork.)
Luckily the wind didn’t come up this year! Large canvases act as sails in high wind!
Wonderful bright paintings…
So nice to meet up with old friends too.
These awesome wire pieces are interesting.
And this last one (below) is interesting. Its a pity the light was just too strong – but I still like it, and especially in black and white.

Faery Tree…

I bet the tree faeries live in trees like this…
All those cute little caves!
Bring out my inner monkey!

Matopos Rocks…

Two ducks? Or a lady-rock lying on her back!
You tell me!
Weird how many shapes one can see in the rocks in Matopos.P1280651
In some light, this rock seems to me to be a grumpy old man’s face!

Mshelele Dam

Ive never seen so many lilies at Mshelele dam. But who cares, it makes a lovely foreground.
These photos are all taken at lunch time, with the bright African sun making my life difficult. So I hid behind a tree to shade the lens.

Matopos Roads…

There is something about a road that enhances photos – makes you wonder where its going, or what is around the next, I guess.
This first one is taken at Mshelele Dam, one of my favourite places in Matopos.
The road is fairly bad here, so stopping for a pic wasnt much effort
I liked the colours in this one, the winter yellows and browns showing now. The gold of the grass is, of course, classic Matabeleland.
Can’t resist that pink tree.
This rock is amazing with that slab hanging off the side! The road passes so close to it, that it towers right over your head.


I loved the late afternoon colours in this pic. taken in Vereeniging near Iscor.
Taken shortly before the one above. I liked the train with the power station in the background.

Nswatugi Cave…

This cave is a favourite of mine – the climb is less than several others in the area, since the car takes you most of the way!P1280599
I was able to visit this old friend of mine on the way to the cave. I hardly ever go past here nowadays, as the road is so bad. I find it more efficient to climb up from the carpark below.
We picked up a Russian guy at the main park gate (described as a ‘visitor to our country’ by the National parks rangers who asked us to give him a lift)  – poor bloke, I don’t think he knew what he was letting himself in for! Goggled at us chatting to our favourite trees and taking pics of rocks!

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