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Kariba at Binga…

Binga is on a ridge, and although the town doesn’t overlook the lake, there’s a road I found on the other side, that does.


I love the whispy trees along this section, although it does make taking pics difficult.


I’m guessing you can’t see much of these sand banks when the Lake is full. They make nice features now, though.


Can’t have a Lake Kariba post without a sunset, now can I?


Directly into the sun…

I’ve been practicing taking photos directly into the sun, mostly by hiding behind a tree or getting someone to hold a hat so a shadow shields on the lens.


This was taken fairly close to Binga Resort.


These two were taken on a pretty rough road near the air strip at Binga town. I had to clamber up a bank to get these shots (there are too many trees on the side of the road.) I came down the bank much faster than I went up!!!


To get this one, I climbed on the back of the truck. I usually love trees, but along this road, they were getting in the way of my pics!


I took this one (below) on a sand bank just slightly to the left of the one in the pic above…luckily for 4 wheel drive!!!


I LOVE the scraggly trees in the foreground!




Trees in the Zambezi Valley…


This tree is at the hot spring in Binga


This one is also in Binga, the lake in the background.


This amazing tree is at the Mlibizi Hotel.


And the last one, directly opposite Mlibizi Resort

Word of advice…

Don’t stop to buy fish along the road from Binga…because what starts off with a few (pretty) ladies to barter with…P1160826

Ends up with many, many more! They crowd around the car, shoving wide plates with stinky salted bream through the window, all yelling at the top of their lungs!


Brighton, a member of our survey team, is pictured above wearing the striped shirt! I told him I would send this pic to his wife (s) His reply “Send it, and she will realise how lucky she is!!!” Amazing how brave a man can be when alone, and in this case, surrounded by lots of lovely women!

Walking, along the Binga Road







We come from dry Matabeleland, where there is never enough rain and most of the time, our dams are empty. So when we turn that last corner at Binga, (pictured below) we usually get the “Augh” from the guys on the back  – and this time was no exception!


Even though Kariba is low, its still a heck of a lot more water than we have in the south!


Boy I love this hill!


You can just see the kapenta fishing boats in the distance.