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Playing with light…

Here in Africa, the sun is HUGE!!!
Driving home from Esigodini, late one evening, I happened across this view:
The sun seemed to be hanging between the cooling towers of the Bulawayo Power Station.
SO – I went looking for other late evening shots!
Taken on a different day, from a slightly different angle.
This was taken about a kilometre further along 12th Avenue from the one above.
This is a view from what used to be Selborne Avenue in Bulawayo (Now Leopold Takawira) near the Centenary Park.
Leopold Takawira Avenue is lined with tall palms (the Natural History Museum is on the right of this photo.)
I live in one of those old colonial houses, in Suburbs (one of the first suburbs in Bulawayo) with wooden floors, wooden doors and sash windows. I stood in my hallway, looking out of the front door for this shot, above.
My last photo was taken outside Girls College, very late in the evening:

Autumn colours…

Its getting cold here now – it’s been about 6 degrees Celcius for a week or more. (That is about 42 F for those of you who use that nomenclature.) That is cold for me! However, the lovely autumn colours begin to show.
I like this photo and I hope someone decides to paint it.

Art in the Park…

Is held at the Hillside Dams every year, around about this time. Anyone can exhibit and this year, colourful tents added to the very colourful paintings (and other artwork.)
Luckily the wind didn’t come up this year! Large canvases act as sails in high wind!
Wonderful bright paintings…
So nice to meet up with old friends too.
These awesome wire pieces are interesting.
And this last one (below) is interesting. Its a pity the light was just too strong – but I still like it, and especially in black and white.

Setting sun…


Umkhaya Tree

Over the last few months, I’ve taken Idunnohowmany photos of these trees, just below the top Hillside Dam and I’ve never really captured their size. So this time, I decided not to even bother, and just aim to show the tree how it appears when standing on the dam wall.

Matshemhlope River Rail Bridge…

In 1897, the railway line arrived at Bulawayo via Botswana. This little bridge (below) crosses the Matshemhlope River in Suburbs. Its no longer part of the railway system, but each time I cross it, I image the huge steam beasts that used to lumber over it regularly.
The railway line continued right past our house in Suburbs. Just think, when our house was built more than one hundred years ago, I could have just walked out of the front gate with my suitcase and traveled all the way to Cape Town!
There used to be a level crossing round about where the furtherest car is just rounding the corner. (As you may have guessed, I wanted a pic of that amazing tree, and just found an excuse to talk about the level crossing!)
At times, after a heavy storm, the water roars under this bridge covering over the grassy banks. In the dry season, the water stinks and driving over the road bridge with strangers in the car, I feel obliged to mention it’s the Matshemhlope!
The Matshehlope River is hardly a river – more a spruit one can hop over in many places. Starting at the Criterion Water Works, it winds its way through Bulawayo and eventually joins the Umguza River.
Its used as a water feature and “rough” where it flows through the Bulawayo Golf Course.
Looks like a jungle? Good luck finding your balls in there!
These two pics below are where you can hop over it…
Follow this tiny stream a few kilometres and yes – you get to the Hillside Dams!

Wild Pear…

Or Dombeya Rotundifolia…
Taken at Hillside Dams in the late evening.


Taken from a Kopjie, overlooking the trees below the top, Hillside Dam.
I love the lone Jacaranda tree nestled in there among the Acacia trees.

Random Streets in Hillside…

This photograph is taken on Moffat Avenue, Hillside, Bulawayo. I’m guessing it was named after Robert Moffat, a missionary who came to Africa in the mid 1850’s. His daughter married David Livingstone – another famous missionary who worked tirelessly for the abolition of slavery. So he is fairly popular here!
Eish – check out THAT mandebvu!
This one is taken on Napier Ave. He was hot shot during the Matabele rebellion and buddy of Cecil John Rhodes.
I admit I took the above pic because of the tree hanging over Hillside Rd – which is one of the main feeder roads into the suburbs from town.

Early to work…

I took this photo on Eastcot Rd, Bulawayo looking almost directly into the sun.