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Early one morning…

Just as the sun was rising!


The blue in this image (above) is special!


The tree on the extreme right is a wild olive. I soak the leaves in alcohol to make a tincture – a few drops daily works wonders as an immune boost. The wood, when mature, has the most incredible colours and texture – great for carving, wood turning or even garden decoration.

The squiggly one is a Marula and saved my husband’s life during the war when the house was bombed. If it were not for this tree, standing in the way, the first rocket would have gone through the lounge window and his chances would not have been very good.


Both of these, pictured above, are of knobby thorns. Zoomed in on those grasses (below!)


Seems its too early for the birds at the bird-bath!


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I’ve found the best way to capture butterflies is to focus on a flower they are visiting and wait…but sometimes they flit in and out so quickly I cant press the shutter fast enough!

When I came to edit my photos, I came across this one…(above) and I just love it. Sans butterflies! I’m thinking to use it as a birthday card or add one of those inspirational quotes!

Herewith the butterflies!

Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies

All these images were taken with my new Panasonic FX1000 in our garden in Fort Rixon

Room with a View…

Room with a view

Taken just after sunset, when the sky is peach, the foreground usually comes out as a dark blob. This view from our front door is the first photograph I’ve taken of that view using the iHDR feature using my FZ1000 Panasonic.


Taken a few seconds later…

Going, Going, Going…gone


We cleared some of the bushes away so we can see this sunset from our front lawn…


Look east, look west

If you haven’t noticed yet – I’m a pretty impatient person – which is why I take photos rather than paint. Every now and again, I wake up very early in the morning to get a sunrise shot.East west The above photo was taken sitting on the banks of the Zambezi river immediately above the Victoria Falls. I had already been there for more than fifteen minutes and…the sun takes AGES to come up. So I turned 180 degrees and took this one. It’s a pic of the ‘smoke that thunders…’East west Then, the sun crept up a little, so I took another one…East west And then I took another one looking west…East west I have literally hundreds of pictures of the same view – the sky slightly lighter, the sun ever so little bit higher! East west The following pics were taken in Gona re Zhou. Once again, I got up very early in order to catch the early morning light…and unlike on the banks of the Zambezi, I didn’t have to watch out for crocs. I still got bored although I won’t bore you with all the pics I took! East west So I turned the other way…and got these of the Chilojo Cliffs (sometimes called Clarendon Cliffs)East west The sun you see in the top photo shines on the cliffs and turns them into a lovely pink colour. I also like the shine on the sand in these photos.East westI I didn’t have to move very far to take these…our campsite was about three paces behind me! These photos are taken from our front door, again, east and west.East west West looking towards Bulawayo and 180 degrees -our garden…a sunset shotEast west Another pic taken from our garden, but early in the morningDawn on the Farm East west The next two photos, I had to work for…I had to climb to the top of the trig beacon. This lovely green one is looking West…(I have yet to climb up there before dawn – hey, I need my beauty sleep!)Bonnybrook Trig beacon-010 This was taken as the sun went down…the dark shadows stark against the green. East…Bonnybrook Trig beacon-021 And this (above) was the view west…

Rain, glorious rain

There is always something very special about the rain here in dry Matabeleland…Storm clouds-002

I love it when the clouds build up, sometimes hang so low you can touch them! Rain clouds

There is nothing like that suspense – it’s electricRain clouds

This photograph is taken standing on our front lawn in Fort Rixon, although when a storm like this one moves over us and the lightening starts, its better to be inside than running about on the lawn!

Omar Shaykh…

Omar Shaykh

A pure Arabian, Omar Shaykh was the nicest, sweetest stallion imaginable…Gone to horse heaven now, he produced a string of lovely foals over the years. Omar Shaykh


I took these pictures on the way down from the Trig beacon in the corner of the farm in Fort Rixon…untouched, they are some of my favourite pictures of all time. Almost like a Japanese water-colourBonnybrook Trig beacon-023 Bonnybrook Trig beacon-024 P1000688r

I wrote a story about this place on my blog Frankie Kay

Changing seasons…

Changing seasons…

Its amazing how different the same place looks at different times of the year, even times of the day.  Looking at this photograph it’s almost impossible to imagine this can be of Matabeleland, usually dry and dusty.

This rock is such a feature in the area. From above (at the trig beacon) or below in the valley, you can’t miss it.


Then, a little later, the sun comes up over the hills catching the brilliant reds and oranges of the Msasa Trees.  Look how it sticks out, stark white in the early morning light…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below, is the same rock, but taken from the trig beacon high above looking along the valley towards the Zinjanja Ruins.Bonnybrook Trig beacon

It’s December in this picture, (above) the grass green and lush, even the trees have green leaves. Same view below taken in October, taken when it was SO hot we could hardly breathe! In October, here in Matabeleland, it’s very hot. Regina Ruins are on the top left of the photo…Bonnybrook Beacon-004

In spring, the trees here come out in new leaf – brilliant red, orange, even yellow. They fade to green in a few short days and remain pretty boring for the rest of the year!

Mgondi LeavesBelow is the same view – the picture taken down in the valley, very early in the morning – looking towards Regina (Zinjanja)  Ruins.






I’d love to know what kind of sunbird this is…if you know, please email me…forfrankiekay@gmail.com

This image below was taken with my Panasonic, stolen in South Africa! Boy, did that camera take fantastic pictures for a happy snapper.Sunbird