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Another painting…

This time… a watercolour, by Bruce Brislin. BruceB chilojocliffs

From this photograph (below) of the Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou.

Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou

Bruce is a pretty talented chap…author as well as painter! He has written several books about Africa, places such as the Gona re Zhou, Mozambique, Botswana. Here is a link to his autobiography…


Look east, look west

If you haven’t noticed yet – I’m a pretty impatient person – which is why I take photos rather than paint. Every now and again, I wake up very early in the morning to get a sunrise shot.East west The above photo was taken sitting on the banks of the Zambezi river immediately above the Victoria Falls. I had already been there for more than fifteen minutes and…the sun takes AGES to come up. So I turned 180 degrees and took this one. It’s a pic of the ‘smoke that thunders…’East west Then, the sun crept up a little, so I took another one…East west And then I took another one looking west…East west I have literally hundreds of pictures of the same view – the sky slightly lighter, the sun ever so little bit higher! East west The following pics were taken in Gona re Zhou. Once again, I got up very early in order to catch the early morning light…and unlike on the banks of the Zambezi, I didn’t have to watch out for crocs. I still got bored although I won’t bore you with all the pics I took! East west So I turned the other way…and got these of the Chilojo Cliffs (sometimes called Clarendon Cliffs)East west The sun you see in the top photo shines on the cliffs and turns them into a lovely pink colour. I also like the shine on the sand in these photos.East westI I didn’t have to move very far to take these…our campsite was about three paces behind me! These photos are taken from our front door, again, east and west.East west West looking towards Bulawayo and 180 degrees -our garden…a sunset shotEast west Another pic taken from our garden, but early in the morningDawn on the Farm East west The next two photos, I had to work for…I had to climb to the top of the trig beacon. This lovely green one is looking West…(I have yet to climb up there before dawn – hey, I need my beauty sleep!)Bonnybrook Trig beacon-010 This was taken as the sun went down…the dark shadows stark against the green. East…Bonnybrook Trig beacon-021 And this (above) was the view west…


These are such lovely little creatures and excellent portraiture candidates!


I took these in Gona re Zhou. I love the shine on the grass. Impala

These two were taken very early in the morning, also in Gona re Zhou. We went there in June and yet all the game was in good condition.Impala

The light really shines on their golden coats…


These (below) were taken in Zebula (golf estate) Impala

It was wet and raining when I took this photo (above.) Poor little guys didn’t look very happy at all (maybe they didn’t like the babysitter!) The glory of a place like Zubula is you can ride right up to game on the cute electric golf cart…the animals are obviously used to gawping, camera toting golfers! Impala

I took the three following images in the Khama Rhino sanctuary in Serowe…Impala

The above photo taken at midday, the animals sheltering under the trees…Impala

I couldn’t resist putting this guy up in an early ‘portraiture’ post…he is lovely. Back in the day, on the farm, someone his age would be a candidate for the pot – a young male we used to call a ‘spikey!’ We had lots of them who hung about in stag herds and since they were not breeding age…


This last image was taken late in the evening in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary – I love the light…

Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou

Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou

Dawn at Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou. A short while later, I took this one…Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou

We drove around, climbing the escarpment and took a pic from the other direction:Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou


“You want me to get up…?”Waterbuck

A contrast from the ones we saw in Matusadona…all we saw of them was the white ring on their butts as they lit out as fast as they could. This photograph was taken near Chipinda Pools in Gona re Zhou