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The drive from Chizarira to Kariba took longer than I thought it would. I wasn’t in any hurry – when I saw a photo opportunity, I stopped; took my time. I’d tried to book with National Parks at Marongoro, but had received no reply by the time I left Chizarira.

Once again, a fellow Bulawegian came to my ‘rescue.’

A guy, whom I had only ‘spoken’ to on Facebook owns a house in Charara. I was welcome to stay there for as long as I needed, he said. Another “pull in” type of invite, so typical of Zimbabweans.

Right on the banks of Lake Kariba, his house is air-conditoned with a wonderful caretaker called Shamu to help paying guests.


I had breakfast up there, under the thatch.


Watching the sun rise over Lake Kariba.


It’s very comfortable inside and the sunset – whew! There is a flood-plain a few hundred metres from the house, where I was able to sit and watch the sun go down. The whole sky lit up, as if on fire as the HUGE ball of red slowly sank below the horizon.



African Road-trip…

I recently drove to Mana Pools via Kariba! Generally, our main roads in Zimbabwe are good; wide tar with few potholes. Once off them, its just pot-luck!
Leaving Bulawayo, we drove behind this poor chap, perched right on top of the bus. I’ve seen many things up there, including household furniture, maize bags, scotch-carts and once, a donkey.
Taken through the windscreen, this photo (above) is the  approach to Maabwe fishing camp. It was taken through the windscreen because outside, the temperature was about 40 degrees C!!!
I didn’t recognise the road in the above photo, because the last time we drove on it, we could hardly make out where exactly the road was! I certainly couldn’t bomb along at the speed I did this time.
Still in the Zambezi Valley, this is the road to Chizarira. The going was slow and the tsetse flies murder, if I opened the window. I spent the night up there, on the escarpment.

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This slide-show displays photos I took while on the long drive to Kariba.
Coming off the escarpment into the Zambezi valley again, I could feel the heat each time I opened the window.
There is something about technology – the scar on the African landscape. These are the power-lines that carry electricity from Kariba hydro-electric power station and the maintenance road that runs along it.

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And yet on the way to Mana Pools the road builders just couldn’t bear to cut the baobab trees down – instead the road goes around them…

Mlibizi hotel…

I took this pic from the Mlibizi Hotel (a short distance from the resort where we were staying.)


Sunset through the trees…

Sunset through the trees

I took these photographs very close to Tashinga Camp in Matusadona National Park.

Sunset through the trees

We had been driving all day, trying to get to the Matusadona Mountains I had heard so much about…I’m embarrassed to say, we didn’t get there  – the roads were too bad. This is a very difficult admission for me to make – she who prides herself on going anywhere!

Sunset through the trees


Below…what is left of the road in some places!!!

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splash artEvery now and again a photo “happens,” usually when the light is not good. Most of them are not worth keeping, but every now and again…

I’m not sure what caused the image above – I know it was taken in the lounge  with curtains of a mustard yellow colour…

The next one was taken by Terry Dawson in Juliasdale in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

Terry Dawson

The following were taken in Tashinga Camp in Matusadona..


We didn’t really know how to use our camera when we took these…I like the eerie atmosphere the above creates.

I would like to mess about with the image below – add colour or some of those cool tools available for manipulating images. If I do, I’ll post!Art The following was my favourite (until I saw Terry’s above) It’s taken at Tashinga Camp Matusadona National Park very, very early in the morning. The sun hadn’t come up at all. It was that early morning glow only.

Tashinga Camp, Matusadona


Tashinga Camp, Matusadona National Park

Tashinga Camp, Matusadona National Park

Tashinga Camp MatusadonaTashinga Camp

We sat dead still while these impala moved slowly through the camp. Taking the photos with our fujipix camera, I was almost too scared to press the shutter. These photos sat on my laptop for ages and I nearly threw them away because they were crooked – then I discovered I had a facility on my computer that allows me to straighten them!Tashinga Camp-001

Kariba sunsets…

Kariba sunsets…

Kariba sunsets-004Kariba sunsets  These photos were taken in Matusadona National Park Kariba sunsets-003