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I couldn’t resist taking pics of this beautiful face. She wasn’t that happy with me at first; barked at the “big eye.”


An adorable little scamp!
It’s not often I get both the opportunity to take portraits of children and permission to post them.
He is such a good model too – whenever he spies the camera on him, he looks right into the lens. And he is SO cute!
This last pic is my favourite of the series, when he was busy ‘learning’ testing out his capabilities.
On all of these photos, I had the camera on the ‘faces’ mode on the camera – it does a very good job, I think and I have not even run these pics through any software.

Fairy tree…

Taken directly into the sun – once again, I’m very impressed with the way this camera handles light.
This is very unusual foliage for dry old Matabeleland – a delightfully cool “natures garden.”
I bet the fairies are playing here under their mushrooms!

Harare International Airport…

Taken early in the morning with the sun shining on the white walls. I’ve done some work on this photo with Aurora HDR software.
(I love the little red car in the foreground!)

Directly into the sun…

I’ve been practicing taking photos directly into the sun, mostly by hiding behind a tree or getting someone to hold a hat so a shadow shields on the lens.


This was taken fairly close to Binga Resort.


These two were taken on a pretty rough road near the air strip at Binga town. I had to clamber up a bank to get these shots (there are too many trees on the side of the road.) I came down the bank much faster than I went up!!!


To get this one, I climbed on the back of the truck. I usually love trees, but along this road, they were getting in the way of my pics!


I took this one (below) on a sand bank just slightly to the left of the one in the pic above…luckily for 4 wheel drive!!!


I LOVE the scraggly trees in the foreground!




Dust Roads…


Taken in the Matopos, fairly late in the afternoon, the shadows lengthening.




Mtshelele Dam (above) taken at lunch time, the bright African sun making it difficult to take pics. I hid in the shadow of a tree to get this one!


Silozwe Hill, in the Matopos. (During the Rhodesian Bush war – the SAS used this hill during their selection routine!) The road meanders around gullies and washouts!

I just love the tree near the women.


These two pics are taken at Khami Ruins (30km outside Bulawayo.) The road weaves through large Mkiya Trees for a several hundred metres before one arrives at the ruins.


In the Great Enclosure…

The walls are massive in the Great Enclosure, at Great Zimbabwe. In this pic (below,) one can see the way the walls were built and the height of some of them!


This is the doorway we came through…


I wonder if all of the walls were as high, here, only heaps of rocks remain.



I took a pic of this passage…


Before realising that it didnt give a good enough impression of the height of the walls..


This passageway leads to the conical tower…cant leave the ruins without a photo of the conical tower!


PS – love the tree! (Closeup, below)When I saw this tree, I immediately thought of Suki Viljoen who ruthlessly hugs trees in the UK while I take up the slack here in Zimbabwe!


Seems its not a tree – its a colony!

Ive posted this pic again, taken from the hill complex as a reference – the conical tower is not easy to see. (Its under the trees at the far left back of the Great Enclosure.)


Nature’s jewellery…

I want a necklace like this:


Or ear rings like this:


I’d like drops like these…


Maybe in my hair?


PS – Ive been learning how to use the aperture priority setting on my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000! All these pics were taken using this setting and with the macro facility on.

Sunset, house, hill…


This pic was taken near Mbalabala, Matabeleland

Below is the same view, but on “sunset mode” which is a special feature on my Panasonic FZ 1000 for taking pics of sunsets. Apparently it “enhances brilliant reds..”

Tell me which one you like.


Pretty Pink…


I still struggle with dark skins, unless I focus directly on the subject, and with no light background. But Im practicing! This little girl posed beautifully for me, encouraged by her mum.