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Standing alone…

Of the many hundreds of photos I took in the Zimbabwe Eastern Highlands, this is my favourite.
Initially a reject, this one below, grew on me! Taken very early in the morning at George’s Place in the Vumba.
Taken in the Nyanga National Park, hanging off the edge, this little guy caught my eye.
This tree (below) stands alone at the edge of a cliff,  in the Matopos at Rhodes’ Grave, over-looking a boulder strewn valley.
An old friend, below. (I visit this tree each time I climb World’s View in the Matopos.)
It’s a tough life, here in Zimbabwe!
This photo above, is taken in Nyanga – a view of Nyangane with a lone, struggling bush in the foreground!
Overlooking Mozambique, I found these trees keeping vigil…

Rhodes' Grave…

Cecil John Rhodes is buried on top of “Malindidzimu,” in the Matopos. He called the place “Worlds View.” Although to be honest, I know of way better places to view the Matopos.
Roughly translated Malindidzimu means, “Hill of Spirits,” or perhaps more specifically, “Place of Benevolent Spirits.”
The view is pretty good from here.
These two pics, above and below, are taken from a bench soon after the carpark (before the climb to the grave site.)
I couldn’t resist this red tree – I had to get it into the photo somehow!
And of course, when I was up there, had to go to visit old friends! (Above) I just LOVE this tree, although the Russian guy we gave a lift to, was not impressed with what I called a “tree!” I think he probably had more descriptive names in Russian, like “scrub” or “bush!”
If you look carefully, there is a white cross on the top of that hill. It can also be seen at Maleme Dam (a fair distance from World’s View.)

World’s View

Taking photos at the “To Brave Men” memorial at World’s View in the Matopos, I spied this tree:

World's ViewAnd it sucked me down there…

World's View World's View

So which do I choose? I like all these photos!

World's View World's ViewI also have a writing blog. Please visit here:

World’s View…

Is the burial site of Cecil John Rhodes. Luckily its not a steep climb, rather the entrance fee of $4.00 that puts us off visiting. Luckily, we had a friend with us who insisted…!

The grave of Cecil John Rhodes

Simple words as you see.Grave of Cecil John Rhodes, World's View

Just down the hill is the memorial “TO BRAVE MEN” Four relief panels (copper, I think, judging by the green stains) are built into a memorial built with huge granite blocks. About five metres tall, it seems tiny against the background of the Matopos.

Worlds View memorial

To Brave Men MemorialIts not called World’s View for nothing…

Cecil John Rhodes Grave

This view (above) is taken standing with the memorial at my back. Taken in late summer, the grass is turning golden.Rhodes Grave

I was very lucky with the light – the strong African sun was partly obscured by a cloud and it meant I could take photos from both sides of World’s View.
Cecil John Rhodes Grave