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Zebula trees…

As usual, I can’t resist trees, and at this time of the year (as it gets cold) they are changing colour. I was lucky enough to spend a week at Zebula (near Bela Bela, in Limpopo in South Africa,) and went wild over the trees.
This tree was right outside the entrance to the unit we stayed in. I took a pic of this tree more than once, at different times of the day. I just LOVE the feathery, delicate colours!
And this red colouring? It stands out against the golden grass.
Sometimes its the shape that gets me…
This last pic was taken at sunset while on a game drive. Thats the nice thing about Zebula – its been stocked with game – and there are golf cart tracks all through…I LOVE whizzing around in a golf cart, and the game are so used to you, they don’t run off.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

View taken just before Clarens (Free State, South Africa.)P1140161These pics were taken driving back from Durban, in the Golden Gate Highlands Nature reserve. P1140111-001

I was reminded of the Matopos somewhat, especially the way the caves form, and the colours on the rocks. I found myself repeating the “WOW” over and over as I often do in the Matopos! P1140130

These cliffs tower over the road – we had to drive up a dirt road to get this shot (above.) Look a little like multi coloured mushrooms?P1140113-001


Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park

Kgalagadi I’m told this used to be the Gemsbok National Park (on both sides of the border!) It now spans the borders of three countries: South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

This photograph was taken in the late evening


Church, in Graaf-Reinet

The first time I saw this church I loved it, but didn’t have a camera with me – we just whizzed past it on our way to the coast…so the next time, I made sure I took my camera along and stopped to capture this beautiful church.Church - Graaf-Reinet

It’s in the middle of town. We drove through on a Sunday, if I remember and the town was quiet.Church - Graaf-Reinet

I couldn’t get the it all in, no matter how hard I tried, the spire is just too tall.

Church - Graaf-ReinetIf that clock is to be believed, we were late and needed to push on. Please excuse the minibus in the foreground – it wasn’t a moving one – just PARKED there!

The next time we passed though Graaf-Reinet, it was dark!!! I had SO hoped to be there at sunset or at least with that lovely evening light, but we were just too late. Probably because I stopped too many times along the road earlier taking photos! So this is my effort:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaken from the roof of the bus! I couldn’t keep still in the blowing wind. I didn’t take any more when we passed back through, although I was tempted let me tell you! Instead I took this one from the view above the town…Amazing zoom on these cameras.

Church - Graaf-ReinetYep – from up here! That’s me, walking back from the dizzy edge, the town down there below.Church Graaf-Reinet




Underwater gardens…

I find little bits of nature that I want to take home, add to my garden…of course I can’t, so I take photos instead. These were little ‘gardens’ underwater, growing in amongst the rocks and the crashing waves.Underwater gardens

I couldn’t have arranged it better if I tried..

Underwater gardensThose little thingies at the water level are hell on your feet walking on the rocks!

Underwater gardensUnderwater gardens



My Christian friend was delighted when I noticed these two rocks…the squiggly line leading to the cross, hidden under the rock.Symbols everywhere

It isn’t painted on…its a light colour in the rocks!

Symbols everywhereTucked away on a rock very close to the crashing waves at Still Bay in the Western Cape.


In the Karoo somewhere…

I jammed on my brakes when I saw this view – hell, it was time to have a break anyway!

KarooLook at that sky!
KarooAnd not much further on…

KarooLooks like a Western Movie backdrop, doesn’t it?Karoo

This hill overlooks the Gareip Dam off ramp…Karoo Karoo

So please excuse the road in the above pics – imagine what it must have looked like before the highway!


Or power-lines!Karoo






I took these photographs of the Waterberg, on our way through Limpopo Province…


WaterbergUsually we drive on a road on the other side of this range of hills and have always wondered about a place called Vaalwater. There are so many signs heading there…we wanted to know what Vaalwater looked like!!! So now we know.Waterberg

I love the colour of the grass and the mountains repeating themselves into the distance. I took these two pics at about lunch time, the light pretty strong.


Telephone wires and transformers…


“Cultural Interference” is what I usually call telephone wires and pylons. I can hardly take a photo these days without a cell phone tower intruding somewhere. But I feel in the above pic, that the telephone wires enhance the impression of distance. Its so very hard to show the endless straight roads we drive on in Africa.

Telephone wires and transformersThe above pic was taken in the late afternoon, looking directly into the sun…and Im surprised the camera managed to do anything at all with all that light…our big problem was the “cultural interference!” No matter where we went, there were cables…I eventually hid behind the plant on the right, and only one wire…The pic below was taken shortly after…

Telephone wires and transformers


The sun on the left in the above photo…I also managed to hide behind a tree to take it…

And in the photo below…it hasn’t come up at all (hey, I’m allowed to boast when I get out of bed before sunrise!)

Telephone wires and transformers

The wind farms in the Eastern Cape are pictured above. Each tower is fitted with a red flashing light that doesn’t bother me that much – I was brought up in an age when a red flashing light was a helicopter or something exciting like that!


Approaching Sedgefield…

Approaching Sedgefield…